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11 December 2018
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Damp Proofing

Water damage in the form of rising damp is a very common problem with houses, particularly older ones, but it can also occur in modern properties as well. It all depends on how your house was originally constructed, and whether you have any house walls or rooms that are located below ground level.

Once you become aware of dampness in your property, it is essential that you act quickly to avoid long term structural damage. Back in Time can provide you with a number of different damp proofing solutions, depending on the type and nature of your specific problem.

Damp Proofing Your Property

Most modern properties in the UK have been built with a damp-proof course membrane which is normally 2 bricks above ground level, and this acts as a barrier preventing water and dampness from being sucked up from the ground and penetrating the habitable section of the house. However, many older properties were built without a damp-proof course, and many of these houses have cellers which have been constructed below ground level, making them susceptible to dampness and, in some instances, full blown flooding.

Injection Damp-Proof Course

To provide protection for properties without an existing damp proof course, Back in Time can provide a chemical based alternative that will provide the necessary protection to prevent the spread of rising damp. This involves drilling a series of holes at an appropriate height above external ground level but below interior floor level, and injecting the holes with a special silicone resin which is water repellent. To ensure the success of the injected damp course and to comply with the relevant code of practice, the interior plaster may also need to be replaced.

Tanking Damp Proofing for Cellars

If you have a damp or flooding problem in a basement or celler, Back in Time also have a solution called "Tanking". Tanking is the installation of a cavity draining membrane within your basement that is very effective at helping to prevent rising damp from spreading within a basement or cellar. In most instances, the cavity membrane will handle most rising damp problems, and can actually cope with a substantial volume of water providing the captured water can actually be drained away efficiently.

Damp Proofing Timber

If timber is in frequent contact with water, dry rot fungus will set in, and the elimination of the water source is the first step in treating dry rot and other timber problems in your property. Thereafter if the damage is not too severe, the timber can be treated with specialised chemicals to restrict the future growth of the fungus. Back in Time will apply a variety of different application to help preserve the timber, including applying a fungicidal paste solution to the exterior surfaces of the timber, and injecting fungicidal fluids into the timber using plastic valves to disperse the fluids within the centre of the timber.

To find out how Back In Time can improve your rising damp and other water-based problems, why not complete the online enquiry form or call:

01495 442997 or 07968 529747

Evidence of rising damp on internal wall
Damp basement / cellar requiring tanking cavity draining membrane
Preparing external wall for an injection Damp Proofing Course

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