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11 December 2018
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Trendy Modern Wet Room

Want to give your home and yourself a treat for 2018? Then why not update your tired old bathroom for a trendy, sleek and modern Wet Room? You will not regret it.

Luxuriate in your new sleek wet room without having to worry about water splashing everywhere, because the whole room is waterproof. Whether bathing, showering or simply having a wash, you can be as carefree as you like. Water will simply run off the tiled walls and floor and escape down the built-in floor drains.

To allow the water to drain away, the wetroom floor is slightly sloped in the direction of the drains, thus ensuring that the water quickly drains away and does not accumulate in corners or leave unsightly pools of water on the floor.

Open Plan or Divided?

If required, your wet room can be completely open plan, as shown on the third and fourth photos on the right. (Click any photo to view a larger image.) In these completely open plan wet rooms, there are no dividing walls or splash screens, so water is free to land anywhere within the room without restriction.

But if you would like to restrict the water dispersal, particularly when showering, then glass splash screens can be fitted at appropriate places in the room, as shown in photos one and two on the right. Whilst still keeping the room light, airy and open, the splash screens ensure that toilets and bidets remain dry for use whilst still remaining as an integral part of the wet room.

Trendy or Traditional Styling?

With their fully tiled walls and floors, wet rooms are probably best suited to modern, sleek, and contemporary bathroom fittings. Modern contemporary washbasins, taps, bidets and toilet designs tend to look really cool and trendy in such surroundings. But if you prefer a more traditional or period look, then Back in Time will be pleased to design an appropriate wetroom to match. After all, they're not called Back in Time for nothing!

Wetroom Design

Your exclusive wetroom from Back in Time will be designed to the highest standards, and will include full and effective waterproofing of the walls and floor, full, efficient drainage with proper ventilation, plus bathroom fittings, wall & floor tiles to your individual specification.

To enquire about the wet room options available to you, give Back in Time a call on

01495 442997 or 07968 529747

Ultra contemporary new bathroom from Back in Time
Modern bathroom installation with contemporary wall tiles
Double modern shower booth with sliding glass doors

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